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Dog Days of Summer
Updates under the star Sirius:
My courses are almost done.  My in-class course at the U is, in fact, done altogether; now I am just waiting on my two distance-ed. finals on Tuesday and Thursday of this week.
Work is still work.
My paternal grandmother just left town today, and it was nice to see her (in all her fabulous crazy).
My one summer vacation weekend up to Madeline Island on Lake Superior was great.  Nice and relaxing.  You could see pretty much every star in the sky, and the Milky Way, and meteorites.  It was beautiful.

Back to studying for me...
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I am so busy this week, with school and work!  Gah!
HELL. WEEK.  But then something fun this weekend.  Stupid research papers.

Writer's Block: More than words
Which song lyrics send shivers down your spine and really hit you emotionally?

The lyrics to "'81" by Joanna Newsom get me every time.
"'81" by Joanna NewsomCollapse )

Exam today- boo!  Hopefully it won't have its way with me...
Things I need to accomplish: get a life, learn how to make cheese, learn Spanish, get better at everything I think I already know, graduate, save money, drink more water, travel.

"draussen sind Wind und Regen und Sturm, aber mit dir seh ich nur die Sonne im Himmel"
Saw that on Uschi's Facebook, I love it, how sweet.

This technically won't be posted on the 4th, but it still is to me.
Just gotta say, it's my favorite holiday.  What more can you ask for: family, friends, fireworks, grill, cookies, summer, beer, good weather.  Love it.
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Yesterday was beautiful enough- walking through the beautiful neighborhood and the beautiful boats on Lake Harriet.
;but today, beautiful as well.  While AT work, got to see Sophia (a friend), Lauren Graham (from Gilmore Girls), Peter Krause (from Six Feet Under), and Reina (from America's Next Top Model).  Awesome, proves I need to become famous.
Also, just a beautiful day weather-wise.  Went to Tin Fish on Lake Calhoun with Liz, beautiful, and yummy nachos.

Latest developments
Latest developments in my life:
I've been working a lot, and have had a lot of school on my plate.  Midterms, World Cup, social life, etc.
That's about it... nothing too interesting.
Tonight I went to see Kathy Griffin at the Orpheum, and she effin' killed it.  So funny.  And offensive.  Love it.
Another thought, I think I need to re-try this whole political involvement thing, being that that was what my summer was supposed to be devoted to.  To be decided.
Also, another development, in my hard, hard attempt to do study abroad, I found these great programs through the U of M that are called Minnesota Studies in International Development (MSID) and you can go to India, Kenya, Ecuador, or Senegal.  During it you take these classes about development, do a community development-related internship, and live with two different host families, one rural and one urban.  Sounds so cool.  Problem is I can't do Ecuador or Senegal because there are language requirements.  Inspirational to learn Spanish I guess.  So I think I'm going to apply to those programs (probably Kenya) and exchange to Buenos Aires through SFU for my first semester of my fourth year.
Cool beans.

I think I have ID'd the culprit of all the berries on our front steps as a fruiting mulberry tree.  The berries taste good, but don't have too much flavor- kind of like a watered-down blackberry or something.  Apparently they are used in a lot of Chinese folk medicine etc.  Interesting...  My mom hates it, but maybe I can use the pretty little tree to cure the occasional hangover?

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My class at the U is going well- thank god.  Three hours, two nights a week is a little rough but I'll manage.  The instructor is a little bit of an oddball, and reminds me more of a church youth minister than a professor.  Weird.
Not a lot to be writing about I guess... my boring life.

Sunday Funday
Tonight, LJ will serve as procrastination.  Alas, I have two assignments due at 11:55PM PT, one of which is complete and submitted, the other of which is a work-in-progress.
Fun things & recent events: yesterday was the England v. USA World Cup match.  I got to work, thought I was vending food (I was, indeed, scheduled to) but ended up vending beer (thank god for Dos Equis), and after a little debacle about beer cases, ended up making a pretty penny off some of the pubs oh so lovely patrons.  Unfortunately, I'm still sore, even after 11+ hours of sleep (I got home around 7:30 last night, and went to bed soon thereafter).  But, it is always nice to have some cash floating around, so no regrets, no complaints.
Now, in the hectic aftermath of a 1-1 tie, I am spending my day off writing useless papers of little consequence, and figuring out all my classes and finances for the summer.  MUST. FINISH. WRITING.  Let's just hope the copius ammounts of cold-press coffee running through my veins right now (thank god for the new Dunn Bros. Infinite Black growler!  *HIGHLY ENDORSED*) exits the systems before I have to go to bed and get some sleep before I work tomorrow at 11:30 AM.  Go bladder, go!
On the horizon: hopefully some more urination to get rid of this caffeine, my class at the U starts tomorrow (we'll see how that goes), the season premiere of True Blood waiting for me on the DVR, and Rock the Garden on Saturday!  Other than that, just some good old fashioned work.


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